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How to Take Advantage of Federal Heat Pump Rebates

November 29, 2023

With the cost of energy always climbing, homeowners are looking to federal heat pump rebates to save money on home upgrades. As an additional bonus, heat pumps don’t burn fossil fuels, so they can help to reduce your monthly energy bills. But, what are heat pumps? And, more importantly, how can you take advantage of the rebates available for upgrading to one?

A technician installs a heat pump.

What is a heat pump?

While they may look like air conditioners, heat pumps work much differently. Depending on the type of heat pump you install, it can work in different ways. But, for the most part, the principles are the same: a heat pump transfers heat – or cold – from one place to another.

While essentially identical in cooling mode, heating mode is a completely different story when it comes to a heat pump. Air conditioners do not provide heating, but heat pumps do. Thanks to a reversing valve in the outdoor heat pump unit, a heat pump system works by extracting heat energy from outside air, even in extremely cold temperatures, transferring the heat inside the home, where it releases the heat into the air. A heat pump can heat and cool, but an air conditioner cannot, which is the primary difference between the two HVAC systems.

How do I sign up for federal heat pump rebates?

If you’re looking to save money by applying for federal heat pump rebates, there are a few places that you can look. Depending on your location, energy carrier, and the equipment that you choose, you may qualify for one – or several – rebates.

A few places to look…

∙  DTE Rebate Center: If you get your energy from DTE, your first stop should be their rebate center, where you can fill out a short form to determine which rebates you are eligible for.

∙  Consumers Energy Rebates & Discounts: Alternatively, if your energy is provided by Consumers, you’ll want to check the rebates and discounts available on their website.

∙  SEMCO Energy Residential Savings: Finally, if you get your energy from SEMCO, you’ll want to check their residential savings page to determine which incentives they’re currently offering.

∙  Michigan Department of Energy: Of course, the State of Michigan also offers a number of heat pump rebates via their HOMES program. With these rebates, you can even get partially reimbursed for some home appliances.

∙  Energy Star Tax Credits: You can apply for a range of federal income tax credits for energy efficient home improvements through the government’s Energy Star website.

And, if you have any issues finding the right rebate, you can always use the Energy Star Rebate Finder. As the rebate finder incorporates a number of sources, you should be able to find most – or all – of the rebates that you qualify for based on your zip code.

Can Fleetwood’s help me identify potential heat pump rebates?

If you’re having difficulty finding the right rebates, you can always trust our knowledgeable team to help. With years of experience helping homeowners stretch their dollars, we can work with you to find reimbursements that will reduce the cost of your home improvements. So, if you’d like to learn more, we encourage you to reach out to us today!